Michael Pearce, Immunotec Consultant

Melatonin and Breast Cancer

Thus, for the first time, a new mechanism has been found by which melatonin may bring about its anti-cancer action preventing the development of breast cancer.

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FDA Suppressing Cherry Benefit Information?

is the American Food and Drug Administration is suppressing consumer information regarding the health benefits of cherries

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Tart Cherry Anthocyanins Inhibit Tumor Development

New studies at Michigan State University (MSU), which were recently published in Cancer Letters, suggest that tart cherries may reduce the risk of colon cancer

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Diet and Cancer Risk

While research on the health benefits of tart cherries is ongoing, the link between some common life-threatening diseases and diet is strong and well documented

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Research Into Tart Cherries and Cancer Prevention

Because the natural substances found in cherries have been shown to fight cancer both individually and in concert, the AICR has begun to fund additional research on the ability of cherries to work as anti-carcinogens.

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