Michael Pearce, Immunotec Consultant

New Diets Tout the Role of Colors

Written By: Robin - Apr• 20•10

According to several new diet plans, medical researchers are convinced that people consume foods that were never intended for human consumption based on genetic makeup. Major diseases, these authors say, are caused by the imbalance between what we eat and our DNA. Humans should break from the typical brown and beige American diet of meat and starches and adopt a more colorful diet, one more heavily weighted with fruits and vegetables. Here is what several of the authors say:

“Cherries offer antioxidant and inflammatory protection from other phenolic compounds they contain, and cherries have been used as a folk remedy for arthritis for many years, presumably because of….anti-inflammatory effects.” 
From Eat Your Colors by Marcia Zimmerman.

“Red = Cherries = Fight Arthritic Pain.” 
From The Color Code: a Revolutionary Eating Plan for Optimum Health by James Joseph, Tufts University.

“The most convenient way to get your fruits and veggies in the red/purple group are with…cherries.” 
From What Color is Your Diet? The 7 Colors of Health by David Heber, UCLA Center for Human Nutrition.

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